Robot Stem Recall

Rideworks Robot Stem Recall
Unfortunately it has come to light that there is a problem with our Robot stems and as a result Rideworks are issuing a recall on all robot stems.

Safety of our customers is paramount, and therefore we have to issue the recall.

It’s well over 12 months after first release, we have now seen three stems with cracks appearing at the back near the steerer cut out. Three might not seem a big deal out of a production run, however these sorts of issues should not happen.

The Robot went through the LAB testing requirements of ISO4210 also known as CEN testing, (the European standard).  No issues were found and the stem was certified as meeting these standards.

What are doing about it:
We have done some extensive work on analysing the failed stems, some key design tweaks have been made, for example the location of the cut out at the back of the steerer, we have increased a radius size on the side of the stem, these changes among others have seen a stress reduction of over 21%.
This is a recall and replace or a full refund program, due to production schedules and testing,  the new version is not yet ready to be sent out (the recall could not wait), as we are requesting all stems to be returned we can offer you a full refund on your original purchase or if you are happy to wait for a replacement please confirm via email below. (Wait will be months not weeks)

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we know it’s not ideal but I am sure you will appreciate that ensuring safety of our customers is our top priority.

Design changes and lead times on the progress of the new design will be communicated to you directly depending on if you decided to wait or refund.

We really thank you for your custom and support in this matter.
Please contact us on the following email to discuss return/refund/exchangeAll robot stems will need to be returned for refund / exchange 
Paul MacDonald
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