Rideworks Platform Pedal

It’s no secret we have been playing with flat pedals. Large surface – well sealed – bush and bearings with a titanium spindle.

Years ago we decided to make a pedal- thinking about it now it must have been 5 or 6 years ago, the goal was a larger surface than most with excellent grip.
Lots of other have made a large platform now nearly 6 years on however we still had the desire to produce our own.

Our pedal does not have a name yet but it did make it to it’s first public appearance at the bespoked 2021 hand made bike show in Harrogate.

Our pedal is currently made form 7075-T6 aluminium it features a solid bush and 2 cartridge bearings, it’s sealed with an endcap and o’ring with 2 x quad rings at the crank end – the spindle is made from 6ALV4 titanium and also features custom HEX pins, they solve the age old problem of using grub screws and the hex becoming inaccessible due to damage for crap filling it.

The pedal has a generous concave to make your foot feel like it’s inside, pins are only around the edge to trap the foot – at approximatly100 x110 it’s large and very light.

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