Rideworks EBB
17mm of total throw
Fits a PF30 shell
Works with 68 and 73mm shells
Intergrated BB 24mm stainless AC bearings (Enduro SMRA 2437)
Stainless Steel Bearings as standard
Inhouse made seals
Zero cup to cup play

Read about bearings HERE

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Our EBB is designed with an integrated bottom bracket suitable for use with a 24mm Shimano type crank.
The unit has 17.5mm of throw and fits in a PF30 shell (46mm DIA) to tension your belt or chain easily.

Produced at our manufacturing facility in the UK, the BB is CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminium.

This EBB has a unique design means that we have zero play between the cups, this reduces risk of premature bearing wear

Stainless steel A/C bearings


Shell Width

68mm, 73mm, Fat 100

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